let's cross the sea and gain some culture let's cross the sea and gain some culture

Friday, Sept. 15, 2006
He had scars on his face, he told me once what they were from.. But i don't remember.

Oh wait. A car accident. "But you seem like such a safe driver?" "Oh I wasn't driving, I was in the backseat" That poor sweet boy, he had that eternal optimism with the very slight disillusion of age just starting to set in...when paths are closing and you realise you can't be a movie star or travel the world at your whim. Except he wanted to. With me.

"Let's run away together, the dock is straight ahead...we could steal a boat." I think he knew I'd never stay with him, but he wasn't ready to let go of that hope.. That his love could be strong enough to change my mind..
If only I wasn't so strong minded eh. If i wasn't one of these 'modern types' that want to have it all, but not yet, because they're busy having fun. I imagine he'd been there. Being 26.

We were too different. He would have got sick of me eventually once he realised I wouldn't be his doting exotic indian princess with good wife and mother potential, but a girl, who was in the country for a couple of weeks, and thought it might be fun..

I'm a practical woman really, in that sense. Or selfish and heartless in another. Use them and lose them by fleeing the country.

I never knew I could be this person but it's funny what happens when you grow up, you're not a 15 year old writing emo poetry about things that almost happened.

I feel old in the sense at some point in the ever nearing future I need to start taking everything in my life more seriously. Because it's all starting to matter.
The friends I have and the people I meet, exam results and even stuff I might do for fun, ideally, should also look good to a potential employer..

It's a very fragile point of transition, because it sort of sneaks up on you. So I guess it's best to make the most of things while you can..

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let's cross the sea and gain some culture
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