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Monday, Jun. 04, 2007
This always leaves me wondering why the grass is always greener.. Is it really? Maybe neither side is green anymore, the grass is dead and yellow.

Like a drought. There's definately been a dry patch of sorts..

I'm sick of home already and I've been here two days. Might go back tomorrow, but then I'll just get sick of the solitary life at uni and revision and the library...Except for my flatmate who I'm finding increasingly hard to deal with, her only saving grace being that she's sweet enough to make me cups of tea for no reason and generous with hugs and biscuits.
If that's not love, I don't know what is.

I've just turned 21. Is that supposed to feel old?

I'm a fool. But then there aren't exactly other prospects that I'm denying myself from due to this ever present half imagined idea that some things are worth waiting for. But maybe I'm merely waiting for the other shoe to drop.
Where does that expression come from anyway? Do shoes generally hang in the air?

I'm going to italy again at some point. Maybe for four weeks, maybe for 2-3 months And yet EVERYTHING I do, I always sit and wonder "will he miss me if I stay away a little longer?"
I can't live my life this. It just hurts too much.

- | Tim

damn girl
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