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Monday, Dec. 04, 2006
I think we're all just looking for some sense of validation. "Positive strokes" and a sense of self worth.

I spent a year in a country where I'd be told I was beautiful by total strangers on a daily basis. And now it feels like I'm invisible. Does it bother me? Perhaps. More so perhaps as my other single friends seem to be taking home different men every week. That shouldn't be something I envy. Perhaps it's just the feeling of being wanted. (But then I've facebooked all of their men, and I'm not so keen..)

I want something more special than that. But then so does everyone in the grand scheme of things, and anything is better than nothing. Even a lingering look from a stranger.
What's happened to me..

I may have/had feelings for a close friend and it's been tough.. I'm working on it though. When did everything get so complicated? Why do we have no boundaries anymore? Yes it's perfectly normal to cuddle up in bed with a platonic friend. Obviously.

I think you can tell why I locked this diary... the things i have to say are more sordid than interesting or eloquent. And not even sordid enough to be interesting.
Things are good though. Really.

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